Is Scooter Braun’s Star-studded Empire Crumbling?

scooter braun's empire is crumbling?

The A-List Exodus: Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Demi Lovato Allegedly Say Goodbye to Their Mega-Manager!

So, guess what’s buzzing in the music world? Scooter Braun, yeah, the big-shot music manager, seems to be losing his star-studded client list. Word is, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande have all stepped back from Braun’s SB Projects*. (That’s the management company he started way back in 2007.)*

Now here’s the tea: Demi Lovato and Braun’s teams have actually admitted that they’ve gone their separate ways, and they’re calling it “amicable.” But when it comes to Bieber and Grande? Mum’s the word. Neither the artists nor their reps are spilling any beans just yet.

Now, let’s talk theories. Some people are saying it’s not even about the stars ditching Braun. The man himself is apparently shifting gears to focus on being the big boss of HYBE America. Remember, he snagged that CEO title in 2021 along with Lenzo Yoon. Oh, and he sold his parent company, Ithaca Holdings, to HYBE America for a cool $1.05 billion. Yeah, with a “B.”

If you don’t know, HYBE is this South Korean powerhouse behind K-pop giants like BTS and SEVENTEEN. Fast-forward to 2023, and now Braun is the sole CEO of HYBE America, aiming to make some serious waves in the U.S. music scene.

Some gossip columns are also saying Braun’s been looking to bow out of the management game for a while. Makes sense, right? Bieber and Grande have kinda been laying low, project-wise. It’s totally possible that they’re still with SB Projects but just working under new managers because Braun’s got his eyes set on HYBE.

An insider apparently told Variety, “Look, all of Scooter’s clients are still under contract. There’ve been talks for months because he’s stepping into this huge role at HYBE America. People are churning out rumors, but they’ve got it twisted. His team at SB Projects is still working with Justin and Ariana as they figure out what’s next.”

And what does Braun himself have to say? Well, he hasn’t confirmed or denied anything. But he did throw a cheeky tweet out there: “Breaking news… I’m no longer managing myself.” Haha, gotta love how he’s handling the rumor mill.

Benedict Gareth
Benedict Gareth

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