The Top 5 Way to Make Your Song Go Viral

You might be asking yourself, “How do I make my song go Viral?” Well that’s the answer that every musician wants to figure out themselves. It doesn’t easily get trimmed down to a simple answer, it involves some complex steps and a shift in traditional thinking. Here is the Band-It Top 5 ways to make your Song Go Viral.

1.) Reject the Monkey Mind or “Basic Mindset”

The monkey-mind is what can cripple and hinder any all types of Independent Artists, Musicians, Entrepreneurs, and even business owners alike. The Monkey Mind is described as a lower level of thought and usually associated with panic. This can happen increasingly when your focus is on the massive amount of work ahead of you on the path to reaching your goal. We can get lost in the haze of the details and get bogged down when imagining these “win the lotto” type thoughts.  The real details that matter get mixed in the feeling of discouragement and defeat, which makes it more likely that you’ll quit before reaching your goal.

One example of the Monkey Mind in regards to the Music Industry would be wanting to be the headliner of Coachella, and at the same time forgetting about all the other millions of venues and areas where you would more likely be assisted by immediately. Or wanting to, have a platinum album when you haven’t distributed your song to Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, Tidal, or the hundreds of other services to spread your music and gain plays. 

How to overcome the monkey mind? The Key here is to practice your attention and self-awareness. Pay attention to your thought, it’s good to focus on an end game result, like headlining, but the focus should also be shifted more so to the DAILY TASKS

Do you really want to headline Coachella? Well, there are most likely over a hundred small tasks you should be working on and finishing in order to make that dream a reality. Those tasks could be anything from building your social media accounts, to advertising, to Public Relations work, or distribution. When you focus on one item at a time it makes the larger task suddenly much more doable, and less anxiety or stressed driven.

2.) Collaborate and Ask for Advice

Eventually all Musicians and Artists will need something done they can’t themselves, from learning a new technique, answering that difficult question, or even contracting a company to promote their music in new areas. When reaching out to someone that you are looking to work or collaborate with such as an independent musician, industry professional, or company, its always important to put personalization to your message. This can be done by genuinely giving an opinion on that connections body of work to show that you are familiar with that entity. Write the email or communication and re read it aloud to make sure it is professional and uses correct grammar.

Want to ask a question? Well please do not BEG. People honestly will run away the second you start to seem needy and unable to do things for yourself. Instead of begging, approach that person or company with confidence. Take the stance and approach that you aren’t begging for their help so much, but rather that you are asking for their advice and expertise. This makes it much more palatable and appealing to many people. If you take this approach, then most times the help and assistance you were looking for originally will be given freely.

Don’t pour it on too thick. Nobody wants to have it come across like you’re gushing. Keep it calm cool and polite. Then let your music do the real talking!

3.) Separate yourself from the Competition

Start off by making a list of all of your competitors across different genres and sections. Such as the artists in your hometown, state, similar sounding artists, artists in the same genre, major and independent acts, other bands, or even categorize by the subject matter. We recommend that you make a list of about 15-20 and keep track of these groups or individuals. The ones on your list that are more independent and local will be of the best help to you with the following technique.

Go ahead and research these acts on your list individually. If you are googling a local artist, keep track of every result that pops up online. Are they being interviewed or featured? Are they getting sponsorship deals or have a lot of radio airtime play? This is where you will begin, start to write your pitch to these individuals, reach out to the people on your list and mention something about them that you can relate to them in addition to what you do and what you can offer in terms of perspective or productivity. Speak up your strengths in order to make a collaboration much more appealing.

Using this technique, you will be doing more work than nearly hundreds of other artists combined, and it is quite productive. [Also, a quick tip, is to make a separate list of what makes you as an individual stand out from these people and artists that are similar. What small differences can you point out? Keep these in mind when making future music or thinking of what to say to fans of those on your list that might make them consider checking you out.]

4.) Get your Business Hat on!

When you are releasing your music to the world, you are essentially an entrepreneur and owner of a business – that business is YOU! You become something much more than just another Independent Musician or Artist. You are no longer a small piece of the puzzle, in fact you have become a far-reaching entity, and it is critically important that you begin to act and think as such. Start by getting your “Business Hat” on and start reading books by other authors, such as Gary Vanderchuck, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Warren Buffet, and Seth Godin to name a few. 

 These Business Minded Professionals will give you ideas, that you will not have found in a more music industry or artist’s perspective. Reading books by authors in a business perspective will add invaluable skills, and is much more applicable to your everyday routine than you think. (This essentially will compound the power that you have with the previous 2 steps.)  

5.) Popularity before Money

You want to be seen and heard before the money starts rolling in. Focus first on the build-up of your community and support networks before you expect the money to start piling up. You want to spread yourself everywhere you possibly can with as many people you can get to listen to your musical selections. Many listeners now are loyal to only one or two different channels (Think YouTube or Spotify) and they only look to these specific channels to find content. Therefore, you must also be on these platforms to get in front of potential listeners, imagine if the YouTube only population would be your biggest fans, but since you never uploaded onto YouTube that potential is completely gone. Don’t get left out in the cold, why would you hold onto and greedily hoard your own music for nobody else to listen to? That’s just losing yourself money and new fans. Popularity and awareness is the most important milestone for Independent Musicians and Independent Artists.

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest things that crushes Independent Artists in the beginning of their careers is the large amount of demand and tasks needed to be performed. 

So, when you’re in the process of doing all of the things needed to succeed in the music industry and you find yourself a bit overwhelmed, reach out to Band-it. We have a great community of musicians and artists that are always willing to share some tips to make your journey a bit easier. Band-it also provides the tools and resources needed to succeed. Band-it offers distribution for all of your releases to top and viral playlists to get you more plays and build your audience. We also offer marketing to push your music into the hands and ears of potential fans in an organic and pleasant way. Let Band-it take some of the heavy lifting for you, were here for you! Link Below! 


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