How to Get Noticed in Music: 5 Tips from Soundcloud’s Global Head of Music, Lisa Ellis

HOW TO GET NOTICED: 5 TIPS FROM SOUNDCLOUD’S GLOBAL HEAD OF MUSIC, LISA ELLIS [This blog post came from SoundCloud. / All credit to] We’re committed to being the platform where you can break through and build your career, and we have a multitude of opportunities for your hustle to get the boost itContinue reading “How to Get Noticed in Music: 5 Tips from Soundcloud’s Global Head of Music, Lisa Ellis”

“Dat Boy” The Creator & Return of the Donut

If you haven’t heard by now then you may be surprised to hear that . . . yes. . Tyler the Creator has brought about some new music and visuals that are actually pretty good. The OFWGKTA  frontman had been teasing people with pictures of bees announcing a countdown to something special that was coming veryContinue reading ““Dat Boy” The Creator & Return of the Donut”

Hallelujah Money (feat. Benjamin Clementine) – Gorillaz

We cant keep from talking about it, but all evidence seems like Gorillaz is just about back on the scene. The elusive band shares details of headlining at their own Demon Days festival curated by front-man Damon Albarn and including new music, as reports state that Damon had told a fan “the album is completed,Continue reading “Hallelujah Money (feat. Benjamin Clementine) – Gorillaz”

Album Review: Post Malone – Stoney

Holy christ! I have to say I really did not expect this at all, Post Malone had kept his album very hush hush for the longest time and when it dropped I admit I was incredibly reluctant to check it out. Expecting nothing but catchy lyrics and not much depth to it, but upon myContinue reading “Album Review: Post Malone – Stoney”

Regi Levi : Alone, but Never Lonely

Ever wonder what you’d get if you mixed Mellow tunes, bit of hard hitting base, and whispers of lost love? Well thats what Musician Regi Levi has cooked up, and it’s pretty damn amazing. Regi is an artist out of the Inland Empire area who has broken into the music scene like a wildfire. OnlyContinue reading “Regi Levi : Alone, but Never Lonely”

Childish Gambino: “Awaken, My Love!”

Starting the album off with a beautiful intro, some low notes, and a little bass behind a very light gospel intro, the album “Awaken, My Love!” is almost 100% different from any other that Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino aka McDJ has done to date. Quite far from his nasally raps on his first fewContinue reading “Childish Gambino: “Awaken, My Love!””

Complex Con: Simple Mission

Complex Con, Has to be one of the weirdest conventions to come about in the last decade, the brain child of creatives Marc Ecko, Pharrell Williams, and Takeshi Murakami was set loose November 5 & 6 of 2016. This con threw any who attended it for quite a loop. The sheer amount of artists, musicians,Continue reading “Complex Con: Simple Mission”

Band to Watch For: Last Dinosaurs

Hello! We at Band-It have been throwing around a TON of music lately in the office and decided we’d share a little bit of what we have been collectively obsessed with in the office. The one band that has stolen our ears for the time being and is THE band to watch for has beenContinue reading “Band to Watch For: Last Dinosaurs”

Gorillaz Makes a long awaited Comeback

In the recent weeks, there has been some massive action by Gorillaz, several “Books of” have been released via the Band’s Official Instagram Account (@Gorillaz) and have been telling the wonderful story of what happened to each of the band members after the fall of Plastic Beach, which has been a stunning 6 year hiatus.Continue reading “Gorillaz Makes a long awaited Comeback”

The Weekend: STARBOY (ft Daft Punk)

Ok, so is it just us? I mean… we were really just excited that Daft Punk hasn’t simply been taking it easy and sitting around on their. . . robot hands? I mean after Get Lucky and the album release we’d figured they would drop off the map like the duo is famously known for.Continue reading “The Weekend: STARBOY (ft Daft Punk)”