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Here at Band-It, we aim to assist you in reaching the Greatest Success you and your music can achieve. We look to make the process of making more money, reaching larger audiences, and growing your fanbase as easy as possible with our premium selection of Top Grade resources. Click the image Below to receive our LABEL SERVICES or Visit for more.

Independent Artist and Musician go viral in their career

Music Distribution:

Feel secure knowing that Band-It will have our experienced in-house curators secure premium playlist placements on Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, as well as set up promoted tracks on SoundCloud.

We work adamantly with Beatport, Juno, iTunes, and Traxsource to deliver our clients with the most opportunities to receive features and banners.

We work 24/7, around the clock to get your tracks placed in the most viral playlists. Our main goal is to push clients to be spotlighted with Discover Weekly and shared in hundreds of playlists globally. We will not stop until all of our clients get the absolute most out of their releases.

Music Promotion:

The Band-it team will assist in Advertising and Promotion of your music and Social Media Profiles to make sure you receive more views, plays, and explode your following online. Focus more on your music creation and use Band-It’s Promotion to Rock the world!

If nobody knows you they can’t follow you or listen to you. You must come out from the unknown. The person who attracts the most attention is the person who takes the most MASSIVE action. Sooner or later that action will translate into MASSIVE results. Whether you’re creating your own  Band or are going Solo, the Band-It team will multiply and spread your message so you can differentiate yourself from those around you and get noticed.

Need something specific? Reach out and let us know!

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