Music Collaboration = Great Success

In today’s world of Music, and especially during the corona-virus pandemic that we all know and love oh so much, there is one skill that many Musicians have learned to master in order to gain great success. That new skill for 2020 is known as Musical Collaboration, and yes, it actually has been around forever.

Although in the Music Industry of today it has become one of many artist’s greatest secret weapon. Allowing them to reach new audiences, make larger profits, and expand their creativity by nearly 10X compared to a solo act.

Musical Collaboration is defined as two or more people working together in order to accomplish a task or specific goal in music. It has also been hailed as the Most important skill that any Musician, Pro or Amateur, can master in 2020. It does requires great skill in order to reach out to another musician and then establish a working relationship, intense but oh so worth it to do.

two men and woman sitting next to each other
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Which means that as a musician you must learn to collaborate with other artists, to meet with them and to collaborate on something musically. This will ensure that you expand your own version of music into different audiences and will challenge your vision and force you to establish guidelines for your musical collaboration project.

So go out and talk to other musicians, get to know them, and try to work with them. When you connect to the right person and begin to think about projects, you will be surprised at just how easy and enjoyable the process is. Find musicians to connect with in music classes, at shows, and online musician communities such as this.

Studies also show that if you go into working on a project with someone and the guidelines are clearly set, then that project will most likely get finished. With more than one person working on a song or an EP there are more brains which means more ideas can be presented, making that project much more different than if done by a single artist.

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Think of your favorite songs by some of your favorite artists, there is usually more than one writer, more than just one person playing instruments, or even producing. Collaboration between musical artists is just something that needs to be done in order to reach the next level.

In addition to the added creativity that having another person working with you on a track or project, there is the added benefit of an extra artist also promoting that project. There are now multiple people shouting the track out on their personal social medias that reach that person’s specific audience, in addition to whatever audience you have currently for yourself alone.

Many collaborations end up leading to something much more later as well, there will always be a friend to come in for another collaboration session and provide some much needed advice to help guide and shape a project. Massive success is almost guaranteed when collaborating musically.

Youtube Strikes! Flagging over 400 of Content Creator – Mumbo Jumbos Videos have been taken down

YouTube has done it once again and given a harsh copyright to the creator Mumbo Jumbo, who usually makes YouTube video tutorials of the popular game Minecraft, says that well over 400 or so of his videos have been falsely claimed by Warner Chappell Music. Mumbo Jumbo says that he owns all rights to his own music and even has shown his signed contract that proves as such.

The screenshots below show Mumbo Jumbos inbox being flooded with emails from Youtube themselves saying:

  • Information about your video
    • Your Video “(Video Title)”
  • Dear Mumbo Jumbo, Your video “(insert title)” may have content that is owned or licensed by PEDL* and Warner Chappell but it’s still available  on YouTube!

PEDL refers to Pan European Digital Licensing which is a form of licensing used by many companies just like Warner Chappell Music to grant and give access to European-Wide licenses for the use of their music rights.

Mumbo Jumbo also went ahead and posted a screenshot of what his Youtube Account manager looked like onto Twitter and it shows off a long list of which of his videos that were flagged and labeled with the note “Includes Copyrighted Content”.


This isn’t the first time Warner Chappell Music has claimed content from a high profile creator. The company previously filed false copyright claims against a completely original parody video created by the comedian Steven Crowder.

Warner Bros., the parent company of Warner Chappell Music, also previously filed a copyright claim against President Trump which led to a “Dark Knight” themed Twitter video that he shared being blocked on the site.

The claims on Mumbo Jumbo’s videos follow many other examples of YouTube’s broken copyright system being used against YouTube creators. This system has faced increased scrutiny in recent months with many experts claiming that it’s breaking DMCA law.

Kid Cudi Revealed Acting Role with Keaunu Reeves in Bill & Ted 3: Face the Music

Huge details have been revealed recently about the new Bill & Ted Movie, titled “Bill and Ted Face the Music“. Previously, only small details have come slowly as the cast wants to keep the project secret, but some amazing news has been divulged and that is of a huge addition being placed to the already star studded cast, it’s none other than the Man on the Moon Kid Cudi. Scott Mescudi, or Kid Cudi as many know him as, has made his Hollywood insertion into one of the most acclaimed movie series, the infamous Bill & Ted Trilogy.

This movie comes as the third in the series, being a sequel to two prior Bill & Ted films that have reached a cult like status. Directed by Dean Parisot (pictured below) & written by the great Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson both of whom had written the previous movies as well as created the characters of Bill & Ted. Details on the story so far are a bit scarce but we have source that confirm features by some prominent celebrities, that are making their way to the silver screen in assistance of Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter. So far plot wise we’ve only heard that the new story has William “Bill” S. preston Esq. and Theodore “Ted” Logan coming to terms of dealing with middle age life and learning to face their destiny. The destiny to be Rock & Roll legends, creating a song that will hopefully save the world from an impending doom, or maybe just a horrible all consuming boredom, regardless time is ticking for the heroes. A visitor from the distant future arrives to warn the duo and shenanigans then ensue,  tagging along behind them this time around are Bill and Ted’s daughters, played by Samara Weaving and Brigette Lundy-Paine.


Where Kid Cudi comes into the film, an his actual role within it, is up to large amounts of speculation, but since the movie seems to be musically related its guessed by some that he might tag along as well for some of the adventures in the movie. We at Band-It have obtained some exclusive Footage that was captured by several actors who were in attendance of the Bill & Ted movie filming and have claimed that the musician will be performing a few of his cherished songs on stage for the opening scene of the movie and for a few different scenes throughout the film. We hope that we get to see Mr. Rager in all his glory ripping it up on stage and living his best life, which looks to be the case from the pictures that have sent to us.  Take a look at these extremely rare photos and Trailer below. Let us know what you think!

Look for Kid Cudi and Keanu soon!    –   Coming to Theatres August 21, 2020

Photo Credit: @sirdoogie
Photo Credit: @dennislondon.jpg

Video Trailer:

Pete Townshend Apologizes for Comments about Keith Moon and John Entwistle

Pete Townshend has hopped onto facebook in order to shed some light on his previous statements made about his “WHO” Band mates. Saying that he “Thanks God” that they are gone. Going off to say that “They were fucking hard to deal with” as well.

The Legendary Guitarist’s comments went global, and many fans were shocked and dismayed. To which Pete responded with and continued on to essentially say his earlier comments were in no way, shape, or form to be taken as literal. “I was being ironic in my own English way by suggesting it is something I am glad about,” he wrote. “I can be grateful to be free as a player and writer, but sad about losing old friends. It does feel ironic, and it also makes me angry.”

Pete Townshend has defends his points in detail and prior comments about his past band mates in a lengthy facebook post (below)

*Excerpt from Pete Townshend’s Facebook:

Pete_Townshend_Facebook_Musician_Genius Pete Townshend

about a month ago

My interview with Rolling Stone. Headline: ‘Pete Townshend says “thanks God” Moon, John Entwistle are dead; they were fucking difficult to play with”’.

This was said as part of an interview in response to a series of questions about Who history, the early days and how it is today.


No one can ever know how much I miss Keith and John, as people, as friends and as musicians. The alchemy we used to share in the studio is missing from the new album, and it always feels wrong to try to summon it up without them, but I suppose we will always be tempted to try. To this day I am angry at Keith and John for dying. Sometimes it shows. It’s selfish, but it’s how I feel.

But I am sincerely grateful to have had these second and third incarnations as a member of what we still dare to call The Who – once after Keith passed, then again after John passed. I do thank God for this, but I was being ironic in my own English way by suggesting it is something I am glad about. I can be grateful to be free as a player and writer, but sad about losing old friends. It does feel ironic, and it also makes me angry. Towards the end of my mother Betty’s life she drove me barmy, and there was a huge sense of relief when she finally passed, but I miss her very much. Love has so many facets.

I understand that a lot of long-time Who fans will be hurt by the way it comes across as a headline. I only hope that they know me well enough that I tell the truth as much as I can, but I also tell both sides and the upside is missing in the headlines.

Writing for Roger, and performing with him, is easier than the early days with the old four-piece band. Many of you will have heard me say that working with Roger these days can be tricky, and challenging, but that ultimately I find it “easy”. John and Keith were so eccentric and individual as musicians. They literally did take up so much musical and sonic space. As a guitar player I never learned to shred because there was never any space for it. On Live At Leeds and bootlegs from that time you can often hear me stop the music to noodle around, partly so I could think!

The upside with Keith and John was that on tour and in the studio we had so much fun. Playing with them was hard, but both Roger and I spent a lot of time doubled up in joy and laughter even though we could have benefitted from a quieter life sometimes. It was a riot.

To those family members of Keith and John, especially Chris Entwistle and Mandy Moon, I apologise for the headlines – and for carelessly providing the words that were used – but in the past three months I have done so many interviews I am losing focus and patience. I forgive myself. I hope they can forgive me too. I loved their dads and still do.

Roger lost his rag at a press conference at Wembley about Brexit. I found it worrying, but I understood. We may be rock stars but we are also human. Roger and I have not changed very much over the years, but we do love and like each other these days. It’s really poignantly painful to imagine how things would have turned out had John and Keith had also been allowed to become older, kinder and wiser. The Who might have grown musically, or possibly just gone around in circles, but I assure you we would have deepened our love for each other as human beings and colleagues.

As musicians? Who knows?



Ozzy Osbourne Still Alive! – Debuts New Music Video – “Under The Graveyard”

Ozzy Osbourne recently under speculation that he was on his deathbed and sicker than a dog has apparently made his triumphant return. Hot on the heels of a recent collaboration with Post Malone on the track “Take What you Want” from Posts new album, Hollywood’s Bleeding.

Which topped the charts and marked a significant milestone is the 71 year old’s long standing career. Has shown that Ozzy still has what it takes to make a large impact in the industry, even after all this time, about 10 years to be exact.


In recent statements Ozzy claims that without his wife sharon he would be dead, which does seem to mirror the themes made in his new music video (at least in the end), where the singer is seen doing plenty of “party favors” and is on the edge of an overdose.

When an angelic figure (we’ll let you guess who) comes and essentially saves the dying man’s life. A true metaphor for the life he was living and the true love that came in and saved his poor soul. A nice homage to his history and older music and lifestyle he lead as one of the world’s most prolific Rock Stars.

Good News for Die Hard Ozzy Fans – He’s even teased more music coming this week so get ready to see a lot more of the man. No promises there will be any biting heads off animals this time around though.

Teaming Up to Expand Your Sound & Reach

Teaming Up to Expand Your Sound and Reach

[The importance of Musical Collaboration]

This blog post came from Spotify.

Artist collaborations open up a world of possibilities for your music and your audience.

Creative collaboration is more popular than ever, with bands and artists of all stripes pushing their sounds into new and exciting territory with assists from other musicians, and not always ones they have a lot in common with. While cross-pollination, collaboration, and plain old experimentation with new partners have been essential tools in hip-hop since forever—the side benefits of clout-by-association and rapid exposure to new fanbases caught on quickly—they’ve taken a minute longer to be absorbed by genres like rock and all its offshoots.

The Body, a band known for their bleak doom metal, began their collaborative streak with the idea of hanging out with their friends in Braveyoung, creating an atmospheric doom masterpiece in Nothing Passes. The duo eventually reached out further, to artists ranging from The Haxan Cloak to Uniform to Full Of Hell, and also created an LP with sludge titans Thou. Unsurprisingly, The Body have expanded their sound by leaps and bounds.

Los Angeles’ HEALTH sought out remixes for their their electronic-kissed noise-rock, eventually working with Soccer MommyPerturbatorYouth Code, The Haxan Cloak, and others who’ve taken their work into the realms of experimentalism, techno, and the outer reaches of rock. And while each band have their own goals and ideas about what collaboration means, the benefits of working with artists outside their comfort zone has been immeasurable, creatively speaking, and possibly commercially as well. So what are some of the advantages of collaboration? We posed that question to Thou vocalist Bryan Funck, HEALTH singer and guitarist Jake Duzsik, and The Body drummer Lee Buford.

Blowing up the echo chamber

When playing in the relatively limited confines of a band, no matter how creative each individual member may be, there’s a more or less fixed number of personalities with their own biases and limitations. A band can be an echo chamber of similar ideas, but collaboration can help to break down those walls, challenging the group to rethink how they approach their work.

“I definitely feel like collaborating with others has pushed us to be a better band. It’s very easy to get lost in the five of us,” says Bryan Funck. “Sometimes it sort of clears things up and shines a light on what we’re doing.” Jake Duzsik agrees, adding, “It’s very easy to become myopic about your own writing habits, thereby repeating yourself endlessly.”

Inviting in new ideas can not only expand the project at hand, it can also help refresh an artist’s creative energy in their own work, yielding strong results later on. “Usually it’s just myself and Chip King doing everything,” says Lee Buford. “[Collaborating] makes things less stressful and makes me more apt to experiment. And I’ve taken some of those ideas with me to later projects.”

Trusting someone else’s muse

Sharing creative control with someone new can be tough, since it requires a certain amount of faith in another musician’s instincts. Duzsik says HEALTH’s first step toward collaboration started with remixes—letting another artist reimagine the band’s songs wholesale. “We’ve always felt that reaching out to artists that we respected to reinterpret our music was an exciting way to combine our sound pallet with someone else’s,” he says. “When you’re working on something with new people, they invariably have a fresh perspective on your style, and you on theirs.“

Sometimes a band may have a pretty specific idea of how they want a collaborative effort to help them grow, even though they may not know exactly what the final sound will be. “Once we start to understand our limitations and look to someone to bring a certain sound to the table, that usually pushes us further,” Funck says. “On our first collaboration, the idea was to get another musician that could do some stuff that the rest of us couldn’t do. We were trying to push the songs in a certain direction, and so we got Emily McWilliams to sing and play the piano on a couple of tracks.”

Expanding your audience

Though the creative process benefits of collaboration are usually evident early on, there are also longer-term advantages in the audience cross-pollination that comes later. Marketing to new audiences via association with another band or artist—which can leverage their different network of PR agents and labels—can convert a whole sea of new fans. “Collaboration might mean I can [appear on] ten records this year and they’re all different,” says Buford. “You end up putting them out on several labels too.”

There is always the possibility that a faction of your existing fanbase won’t approve of your association with a different act, or won’t like the music that comes out of it. “[Collaboration can be] sort of a double-edged sword,” Funck notes. “I think if we do something that appeals to more people or to different people commercially, that can be good. But at the same time, there are a certain number of people that will be up in arms about that, and write your band off. We’re not too worried about getting rid of some of those people.”

A well-executed collaboration can mean a strong marriage of teams and an expansion of your audience, but don’t lose sight of the actual goal: quality work. “In terms of mutually introducing each fanbase to each other’s sound, that is certainly always a hope,” says Duzsik. “At the very least, I hope we’ve pulled together some sick songs that we never would have done on our own.”

Fred Pessaro

How to Get Noticed in Music: 5 Tips from Soundcloud’s Global Head of Music, Lisa Ellis


[This blog post came from SoundCloud. / All credit to]

We’re committed to being the platform where you can break through and build your career, and we have a multitude of opportunities for your hustle to get the boost it deserves. We’ve gotten a lot of  questions on how you can be considered for our playlists, marketing opps or festival showcases – and today, we’re giving you some answers, straight from the source.

We sat down with Lisa Ellis, the Global Head of Music, Artist Relations, and Label Services at SoundCloud to answer this pressing question: How does an artist get noticed on SoundCloud? With a legendary eye for talent, she knows a thing or two…or five, about what it takes to stand out. Here are her tips:

1. Make great music

Seems obvious, but nothing demands attention like something we haven’t heard before. So, the best first step is to study your craft inside and out. If you rap then write often. If you sing then push your voice to its limits. If you’re a producer then strive to constantly improve your musical, technical and creative processes.

Hone your sound until it’s completely fresh and uniquely you. For artists who consistently release quality beats, just follow 2-5 and you’ll be on your way to our radars. Need proof? Lil Tecca is a prime example of how putting the music first can help turn heads.

2. Be a trendsetter

When you’re the one setting the trends, people can’t help but notice. Baby Rose’s unique voice, style and sound captivated us from the moment we first heard her music. Her individuality has been converting listeners to fans ever since. If you’re trying to replicate her success, then you need to focus on creating your own lane. Take artistic risks, be yourself, and step up by standing out.

3. Take initiative

Before you look for outside opportunities, make the most with what you already have. Joining SoundCloud Premier, distributing your music and using Promote on SoundCloud are easy ways to build your audience without even leaving your house. Keep your profile engaging and learn to use new tools as they come out. Not only will we take note, you’ll be helping yourself get ahead on your own terms.

4. Be engaged

If there’s one thing every featured artist has in common, it’s that they’re all heavily engaged in the SoundCloud community.  Prior to being a Grammy-nominated hitmaker, Goldlink was an enthusiastic rapper on SoundCloud who began reaching out to producers like Ta-Ku, Kaytranada and Lakim before releasing his first track. These connections helped him net his first shows and were crucial in making him the artist he is today.

So, don’t just upload your songs and hope for the best. Stay engaged by leaving comments, seeking out potential collaborators and reposting other artists’ work. Because these real interactions are what lead to long-term success.

5. Make waves everywhere

There are plenty of steps you can take elsewhere to boost your success. First off, make sure your social media accounts are updated and linked to your SoundCloud account so new fans have a direct line to your music. From there, you can play shows in at your local coffee shops or venues, turn online connections into real friendships, and let your life experiences shape your approach to creativity. Any waves you make offline will be amplified by your efforts on SoundCloud. Don’t just take our word for it, look to Na-Kel Smith, a rapper and skateboarder who has his feet firmly planted in both realms.

In Conclusion: Lisa is essentially saying that if you are making music that is high quality and unique to who you are as a person, as well as combining this with SoundCloud’s (or Band-Its) Tools to promote yourself, and mixing that all with relentless effort to find fans and build yourself – it becomes a matter of time before you’re noticed. Keep pushing forward daily, tap into the best resources you can find, and continue with your hustle. You can make it happen! You will make it happen!



How to Start a succesful Band (or join one)

Thinking of starting a band? Thinking of joining one?

Let’s suppose for a moment that you’ve just had the best idea of combining kazoo playing and hardcore death metal, or you’ve just mastered playing the guitar, you may be asking what’s the next logical step in this musical journey?
Either starting a new band or joining one would be the  best option of course! When those ideas that have been swimming in your head about what type of music you’ll make and what the band will be called just keep popping up, it is definitely time for action.

Now, when deciding to start your own band it can be quite the daunting task, but when taken piece by piece it becomes much easier to complete. Which is why we’ve broken it down into several easy to digest steps/guidelines:

-Pick an instrument/style:

First things first, this should come as no surprise, but you’ll have to pick an instrument and a genre or style of music beforehand. It’s something that must be thought about and selected in order to set the tone for the rest of what you and your band will do. This can be any mix of instruments, a blend of genres or even a mood/style that hasn’t been made yet. The idea here is basically to get the creative juices flowing and give yourself some guidelines to follow. Will you be the multi instrumentalist or will you lead the vocals and lay down some piano on occasion? Have an idea of what your sound will be like and the instruments you want to play. This makes it much easier once you bring on band members and will lessen the confusion for yourself and others. Pick something and run with it for now, you can always change your mind later, but have a starting point and a goal for your sound in mind.

-How to find band members:

Here’s where things get fun, now I know it may seem like an impossible task to find the right people to start your musical journey but there are many ways to find and screen these people you’re looking for.

You can start finding band members on websites like craigslist, facebook groups, and of course by going to the #1 Resource for musicians,, where we can help you meet a wide range of musicians from all over the globe. Not to mention we also have all the tools and resources you (and your future band) will need to succeed.

Now, we recommend reaching out to your desired band mates with a well thought out and personalized message or by posting a Band Members Wanted Ad. Now this is where your pre picked style and ideas will come into play. These messages/ads will need to give your prospected band members an idea of what they are getting into and what they will have to do in order to join or what type of experience. You can mention examples of other bands or musicians that may give them an idea of what it is you’re trying to create or post images, drawings, etc. The point is to be creative and descriptive as possible in order to give everyone the best and clearest vision to avoid confusion later. Think back to your pre set ideas, these will be your guide.

-How to Start your band:

Ok, so you’ve found a few members and they all know what they are getting into, what type of band it will be and the music you want to make. You’ve also sent some messages and posted a few wanted ads and goten a few responses. So now you’ll want to start by interviewing and getting to know these potential band mates. What helps is to know what you’re looking for, skill level, education,personality, style, instrument. Etc. These are just as, if not more, important that knowing what type of music you’ll make. So you have all that in mind, and it is time to start interviewing, really getting to know these candidates so you have an idea of what your band will be like as a group, ask them questions, have a conversation with them. If after you talk to these members, and know that certain people won’t be good together or there will be unnecessary drama, then it’s good to make arrangements for avoiding that. This is also time to figure out schedules so that rehearsals and shows can be planned when the group has time.

This would be a good time to mention that you will need to figure out who will handle the financials, will you use an outside bookkeeper or will you use a trusted band member to divide up the spoils for everyone and keep things on track.

-How to Join a Band:

Ok, so with joining a band it is actually a bit harder than starting and recruiting your own, where you have complete control over the say, look, and feel of the band. With joining  you have a lot less say in matters, especially when you’re just a newbie joining the Band for the first time. When you’ve decided that you’d like to join a band, the easy thing to do would be to reach out to the band members and ask them if they are looking for “(insert your instrument here)” or for anyone to join their band. You’ll be surprised at how many bands are looking for “bench players”, someone who can fill in at a moments notice and will be a bit of an intern until needed on stage. If you aren’t looking to do any of that and want a more stable position then you’ll have to put your money where your mouth is and ask for that specific position and title. Be prepared to send a sample of your musical abilities and be able to sell yourself. Know what it is that you specifically bring to the table and make sure that you represent that when talking with, and auditioning for any bands looking for members. (You can find a lot of these bands on websites such as ours –BAND-IT). Be confident, be concise, and be prepared to showcase your skills. You got this!

Band Guys

-Rehearsal Tips:

Quick note on rehearsals, we recommend having a central location that everyone can get to and practice live and in person. It could be an Air BnB you rent, or a studio that can be accessed with relative ease, or a band mates open garage. Be weary, if its a mission to get to and from practice then you may want to reconsider, for when times are tough and money is short (speaking from experience). I highly recommend that all practices be in person and live, with the equipment that you would use when at a live show or on stage performing for millions. This way it will train you to be ready and know your equipment for when a live show is actually performed. It will help the band to avoid and technical difficulties that can impede or stop your performance entirely. trust me you do not want to get on stage and have to leave because you don’t have certain equipment or know how to set up. It’s unprofessional and could lead to a lost show and definitely not a good look.


Money definitely makes the world turn, it greases the engines of industry and is part of our everyday lives, it’s no different with starting or joining  band. It’s good to have an idea of how the Band will be funded, where will new instruments come from? How will you split the money from booked shows and gigs? Who’s gonna drive to the show? These are all part of the financial equation that should be thought about at the very least. Have an idea of who will be responsible for what. Will the band be responsible for their own items or will you start a fund for the band where everyone in the group pulls in cash together in order to have it when needed? You could also fundraise, ask family to help, or even crowdfund. There are many ways that a band can get funding and finance itself, be creative but please think about and try to plan a loose plan at the very minimum. This is something that can make or break bands, so better to have a general idea of how things will go. Also have a plan B, C, D, E, F….. you get the picture.

-Public Image:

Your band of Avengers has now been assembled, but what is the public image that you will present? How are you going to have the public know who you are? This includes social media profiles and outfits when performing live. You must have an idea of this and a way of getting your music out to the world. Using platforms such as instagram, facebook, linked in, youtube, and even tumblr can help a fledgling band gain its wings. These will take time, and have an amazing return, by having distribution and marketing from a respected company, although it will cost a bit of money to do so. (another reason budget is so important).

You must consider as well, will you use Band-It for Marketing and Distribution? We have many tools that can make these processes a lot easier, so what are you waiting for?

In conclusion:

It is a large task of creating a band, or any musical group for that matter, it will take time and planning, a lot of reaching out to others and showcasing of skills as well, but it is one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences you can have in this life. Focus and continue to learn as much as you can, reach out to everyone you can, and plan plan plan!

Here at Band-It we are looking to help artists create bands and make the entire process of making music and becoming a success in the industry as easy as possible. We are creating the largest community of musicians from professional to beginner and everywhere in between, we also provide a plethora of professional grade tools that will speed the process up and make being a musician a cake walk.

Check us out, and feel free to reach out to ask us any question you need!



“Dat Boy” The Creator & Return of the Donut

If you haven’t heard by now then you may be surprised to hear that . . . yes. .

Tyler the Creator has brought about some new music and visuals that are actually pretty good. The OFWGKTA  frontman had been teasing people with pictures of bees announcing a countdown to something special that was coming very soon.


Along with these time keeping bees Tyler also ran a huge event with the iconic Randy’s Donuts of inglewood, in collaboration with Zumiez clothing. All in order to further promote his project and build up some local hype for clothing as well as some new tunes he has been dying to release.


Not too long after the Donut Event tyler released a series of new material. A music video titled “Dat Boy” and a teaser of some upcoming music that will be released on his new album. Now, the video seems to be shot in a very deep focus. The colors are saturated, vibrant, ultra crisp and definitely chock full of  Tyler’s usual attitude and off the wall schemes. The video is only about 2 min and depicts Tyler doing experiments that ultimately lead him to blowing part of his face up which leads him to run away from the cops in search of a new identity. The surgeon he meets is none other that A$AP Rocky, who helps Tyler take on a new identity. . . an eerie face that is switched out with his own and looks like a very ill Conor McGregor.



Despite previous feelings on Tyler the Creator, we must say that the whole scheme is well done. Great visuals, little clues hidden throughout and great concept with even better execution. We’re actually looking forward to the album.

What do you think?

Hate it?   Love it?  Tell us 😉


Hallelujah Money (feat. Benjamin Clementine) – Gorillaz

We cant keep from talking about it, but all evidence seems like Gorillaz is just about back on the scene. The elusive band shares details of headlining at their own Demon Days festival curated by front-man Damon Albarn and including new music, as reports state that Damon had told a fan “the album is completed, were just working on rehearsing for shows now.” This news comes hot on the heels of a new music video recently released from the band. Appropriately titled “Hallelujah Money” the video seems to focus on what I can only imagine Gorrilaz believes the very near future to become. Released on the official inauguration date for Donald Trump, the band seems to be making very focused yet blurry political statements regarding the current state of politics and certain civil rights issues. The focus of companies, which the president definitely represents, and slight comment on the state of affairs for people of all colors, creeds, or sexual orientation. Its a dark warning and a lesson from Gorrilaz, merely asking us how far would we like to traverse this rabbit hole, and just how messed up and complicated things can be.

Check the video down below and the Gorillaz Official site to support: