Product Spotlight: The “Overscore Removeable Manuscript Tape”

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Here at Band-It we try to make recommendations on products that help our staff and members in direct and impactful ways – here we have one cool product that we have been using in our office and for our own musical compositions. An item that would be absolutely a game changer for the composing artist, a necessary item to place in your Musicians Toolbox.

That product is the wonderful “Over score Removable Manuscript Tape”. 

The tape is a great way to cover up any mistakes that have been made or if you just want to go ahead and make a few necessary changes to your sheet music. It has the same exact dimensions’ width and length of any standard sheet music page you may already be using, and just sticks right on to wherever you need to make that quick correction. Created by musicians as well as tried and tested out by musicians extensively to make sure it is in the best benefit for them and will allow them to use it anywhere they need with little to no hassle. The overscore roll comes in an extremely long length of about 16 feet long. It’s like a fruit roll up but not quite as tasty!

The roll is about 1 in in length so it fits perfectly over your work, cut off as big or as small a piece you need. Features the Industry Standard sized staff lines printed as well. The Overscore company ensures that the item can be applied and stuck to any music score sheet, which allows the user to cover up anything they so desire. It’s so easy to use any age group can be trusted to make great use of it.

Go ahead and stick it on the wall if you want to practice your memorization skills!

Stick it in a notebook to review the big score before you play. The possibilities are as wild as your imagination.

It’s a unique product  and really as simple as that, a wonderfully simple piece of tape that magically assists in any composition.

Links are provided below if you want to see for yourself how great this product is in your Musician’s Toolbox.

Comment Below and tell us how you use your Overscore Correction Tape and how useful it is in compositions.

-Band-It Staff

Benedict Gareth
Benedict Gareth

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