8 Mindset Shifts that Will 10X Your Music

A few useful Jedi Mind Tricks to increase your odds of success

10x Your Musical Success

1. Time is precious

Our time in this life is limited.

Even so, most of us live in the exact opposite way. We live as though we will be around forever.

We waste years at Jobs that we hate, stay with people we’re not entirely happy with, and tolerate situations that don’t make us feel fulfilled.

Break free from the cycle and try to remind yourself to live in the moment.

Wake up and remind yourself that time is our most precious resource!

Tik….Tok…(insert sand noises*)

2. It all starts in the mind

All you really have control over is control over your mind.

You can actively work on changing the world around you, that strategy can have various results but it all begins with your thoughts.

Hunker down for a bit and relax, search your mind, and clear it out from time to time.

By learning to master the mind, you’ll master your life and realize a power far greater than anything outside yourself.

Clear the space inside your mind so ideas can flow

3. Practice gratefulness

The benefits of gratitude are actually backed by science; it improves your well-being and state of mind.

Gratitude practice shifts the mind from an “I need” or “I don’t have enough of” to “I’m so happy”, & “I have enough.” 

Think pure satisfaction with everything that you currently have.

The effort to change mindset is minimal, but the difference is monumental.

Saying “Thank You” goes a long way!

4. Be present (In the moment)

The ability to quietly be with yourself and be aware of what is occurring around you is a skill you have to work hard on.

It will drastically improve the quality of your mind.

To be in the moment completely with all will power is a powerful experience full of benefits.

Please take advantage of it.

Be Still. Be Present.

5. Happiness is not in the material world

We all know that idea that material goods will make us happy over the long term is not true.

It was a lie sold to us that even today, most still think material goods are the ultimate sign of success, they are not.

Freedom is success, not stuff.

You cant take it with you

6. Remember your “why”

When you’re working towards a big goal, figuring out your “why” is one of the most critical mindset shifts you need. If you are struggling to do so, take a moment to write down everything you hold near and dear to your heart. What’s important in your life right now?

Focus on improving those things and why you’re doing what you do!
Keep at it!

The “WHY” is the WAY

7. Make Failure a Positive

It’s natural to see failure as a negative; after all, you did something, and it wasn’t successful.

However, you should see each failure as a valuable opportunity for personal growth.

A chance to grow that will inevitably lead to success.

Failure can be the fuel for Success

8. Apply what you learn immediately

 Weather its directly taught to you or simply read in a book. You want to practice immediately the things that you have learned. Practice makes perfect and by putting these learned lessons into action we achieve greatness. It’s also the fastest way to see if something you learned or heard about actually works for you and your life.

Learn & Immediately Practice

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