7 Signs You’re An Independent Artist

Regardless if you’re new to the Music Industry and figuring out how to be an Independent Musician, or a Veteran in the Arts, these seven skills are a necessary addition to your Musicians Toolkit. The 7 Signs You Are A Fast Learning Independent Artist are a set of guidelines in which to test yourself and compare to see if you are currently making use of these techniques. These age old steps have been created through compiling years of knowledge from the top performing business leaders and musicians. Add them into your routine today, as these techniques are sure to help in your Independent Musician Development and in all other areas of your life.

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  • 1.) Not Afraid to say “I don’t know”
  • 2.) You learn by doing
  • 3.) You realize many questions have no answers
  • 4.) You do more & think less
  • 5.) You are able to visualize it
  • 6.) You can explain it to a kid
  • 7.) You can explain it in one sentence

Not Afraid to say “I don’t know”

1.) When you show a bit of humbleness it can actually show people that you are not afraid to be yourself. It can also raise your trust in many people’s eyes, as you are not beneath admitting something difficult. It also opens the doors for you to be educated on that specific things, thus increasing your intelligence.

– You learn by doing –

2.) You like to get in the mix and figure things out yourself! If that sounds like you then keep up the good work! Learning by doing is one of the quickest ways to learn a particular skill-set, you will most certainly make mistakes but by doing it you will encode that knowledge into your brain faster. It’s one of the reasons that most jobs will prioritize experience over school

– You realize many questions have no answers –

3.)  When you are a true quick learner, you realize that there are plenty of questions that you might have that just cannot be answered at the moment. Be patient and rust that the relevant information will make itself known in time, you keep moving in the direction you want to and hold out that you will find the answers. Not wasting time getting caught up in the need for an answer immediately, but pushing forward to accomplish your goal despite the fact.

– You do more & think less –

4.) Think less and focus on getting the task completed, you will notice that many more things tend to get accomplished. Many people end up having a paralysis by analysis and don’t get anything done, but those that focus on the end game and work towards that without letting the bad thoughts and over analysis get in the way.

– You are able to visualize it –

5.) Visualization is key to anything. When you look into your minds eye and focus on creating and laying out the plan to make your dreams come true, it can help have that be accomplished much faster. Many of the greatest athletes, musicians, scientists, of all time have used and talked about using this skill-set. Visualization helps the mind prepare in the real world, its laying out the mental roadmap to follow.

– You can explain it to a kid –

6.) If you can explain your idea and have a kid actually understand it, then you’re on to something. Many of the best inventions and ideas were ones that were complex to put together but ultimately were simple devices or simple to understand concepts. Take toy story for example, considered one of the greatest movies of all times yet simply put it’s a story about toys having life and wanting to have a purpose or to fulfill their purpose. They are chasing their dreams, and that is not a difficult concept for anyone to understand.

– You can explain it in one sentence –

7.) Similar to being able to explain it to kids, if you can explain your concept or full idea in one sentence then it can be a big idea. The more simplistic an idea, then the more people that can understand the idea. Also, it makes for a much more simplistic and universal experience. Think of the biggest hit songs, they take a complex idea or feeling and then boil it down and express it quite simply.



Simple and easy as that, when you let your creative spirit take control and follow a basic plan of attack you are guaranteed to reach results and progress in your life and career. DO NOT spend so much time worrying about the negatives and instead continue on as though your goals are almost in sight.

Benedict Gareth
Benedict Gareth

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