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In today’s world of Music, and especially during the corona-virus pandemic that we all know and love oh so much, there is one skill that many Musicians have learned to master in order to gain great success. That new skill for 2020 is known as Musical Collaboration, and yes, it actually has been around forever.

Although in the Music Industry of today it has become one of many artist’s greatest secret weapon. Allowing them to reach new audiences, make larger profits, and expand their creativity by nearly 10X compared to a solo act.

Musical Collaboration is defined as two or more people working together in order to accomplish a task or specific goal in music. It has also been hailed as the Most important skill that any Musician, Pro or Amateur, can master in 2020. It does requires great skill in order to reach out to another musician and then establish a working relationship, intense but oh so worth it to do.

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Which means that as a musician you must learn to collaborate with other artists, to meet with them and to collaborate on something musically. This will ensure that you expand your own version of music into different audiences and will challenge your vision and force you to establish guidelines for your musical collaboration project.

So go out and talk to other musicians, get to know them, and try to work with them. When you connect to the right person and begin to think about projects, you will be surprised at just how easy and enjoyable the process is. Find musicians to connect with in music classes, at shows, and online musician communities such as this.

Studies also show that if you go into working on a project with someone and the guidelines are clearly set, then that project will most likely get finished. With more than one person working on a song or an EP there are more brains which means more ideas can be presented, making that project much more different than if done by a single artist.

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Think of your favorite songs by some of your favorite artists, there is usually more than one writer, more than just one person playing instruments, or even producing. Collaboration between musical artists is just something that needs to be done in order to reach the next level.

In addition to the added creativity that having another person working with you on a track or project, there is the added benefit of an extra artist also promoting that project. There are now multiple people shouting the track out on their personal social medias that reach that person’s specific audience, in addition to whatever audience you have currently for yourself alone.

Many collaborations end up leading to something much more later as well, there will always be a friend to come in for another collaboration session and provide some much needed advice to help guide and shape a project. Massive success is almost guaranteed when collaborating musically.

Benedict Gareth
Benedict Gareth

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