Youtube Strikes! Flagging over 400 of Content Creator – Mumbo Jumbos Videos have been taken down

YouTube has done it once again and given a harsh copyright to the creator Mumbo Jumbo, who usually makes YouTube video tutorials of the popular game Minecraft, says that well over 400 or so of his videos have been falsely claimed by Warner Chappell Music. Mumbo Jumbo says that he owns all rights to his own music and even has shown his signed contract that proves as such.

The screenshots below show Mumbo Jumbos inbox being flooded with emails from Youtube themselves saying:

  • Information about your video
    • Your Video “(Video Title)”
  • Dear Mumbo Jumbo, Your video “(insert title)” may have content that is owned or licensed by PEDL* and Warner Chappell but it’s still available  on YouTube!

PEDL refers to Pan European Digital Licensing which is a form of licensing used by many companies just like Warner Chappell Music to grant and give access to European-Wide licenses for the use of their music rights.

Mumbo Jumbo also went ahead and posted a screenshot of what his Youtube Account manager looked like onto Twitter and it shows off a long list of which of his videos that were flagged and labeled with the note “Includes Copyrighted Content”.


This isn’t the first time Warner Chappell Music has claimed content from a high profile creator. The company previously filed false copyright claims against a completely original parody video created by the comedian Steven Crowder.

Warner Bros., the parent company of Warner Chappell Music, also previously filed a copyright claim against President Trump which led to a “Dark Knight” themed Twitter video that he shared being blocked on the site.

The claims on Mumbo Jumbo’s videos follow many other examples of YouTube’s broken copyright system being used against YouTube creators. This system has faced increased scrutiny in recent months with many experts claiming that it’s breaking DMCA law.

Benedict Gareth
Benedict Gareth

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