Ozzy Osbourne Still Alive! – Debuts New Music Video – “Under The Graveyard”

Ozzy Osbourne recently under speculation that he was on his deathbed and sicker than a dog has apparently made his triumphant return. Hot on the heels of a recent collaboration with Post Malone on the track “Take What you Want” from Posts new album, Hollywood’s Bleeding.

Which topped the charts and marked a significant milestone is the 71 year old’s long standing career. Has shown that Ozzy still has what it takes to make a large impact in the industry, even after all this time, about 10 years to be exact.


In recent statements Ozzy claims that without his wife sharon he would be dead, which does seem to mirror the themes made in his new music video (at least in the end), where the singer is seen doing plenty of “party favors” and is on the edge of an overdose.

When an angelic figure (we’ll let you guess who) comes and essentially saves the dying man’s life. A true metaphor for the life he was living and the true love that came in and saved his poor soul. A nice homage to his history and older music and lifestyle he lead as one of the world’s most prolific Rock Stars.

Good News for Die Hard Ozzy Fans – He’s even teased more music coming this week so get ready to see a lot more of the man. No promises there will be any biting heads off animals this time around though.

Benedict Gareth
Benedict Gareth

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