“Dat Boy” The Creator & Return of the Donut

If you haven’t heard by now then you may be surprised to hear that . . . yes. .

Tyler the Creator has brought about some new music and visuals that are actually pretty good. The OFWGKTA  frontman had been teasing people with pictures of bees announcing a countdown to something special that was coming very soon.


Along with these time keeping bees Tyler also ran a huge event with the iconic Randy’s Donuts of inglewood, in collaboration with Zumiez clothing. All in order to further promote his project and build up some local hype for clothing as well as some new tunes he has been dying to release.


Not too long after the Donut Event tyler released a series of new material. A music video titled “Dat Boy” and a teaser of some upcoming music that will be released on his new album. Now, the video seems to be shot in a very deep focus. The colors are saturated, vibrant, ultra crisp and definitely chock full of  Tyler’s usual attitude and off the wall schemes. The video is only about 2 min and depicts Tyler doing experiments that ultimately lead him to blowing part of his face up which leads him to run away from the cops in search of a new identity. The surgeon he meets is none other that A$AP Rocky, who helps Tyler take on a new identity. . . an eerie face that is switched out with his own and looks like a very ill Conor McGregor.



Despite previous feelings on Tyler the Creator, we must say that the whole scheme is well done. Great visuals, little clues hidden throughout and great concept with even better execution. We’re actually looking forward to the album.

What do you think?

Hate it?   Love it?  Tell us 😉


Benedict Gareth
Benedict Gareth

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