Hallelujah Money (feat. Benjamin Clementine) – Gorillaz

We cant keep from talking about it, but all evidence seems like Gorillaz is just about back on the scene. The elusive band shares details of headlining at their own Demon Days festival curated by front-man Damon Albarn and including new music, as reports state that Damon had told a fan “the album is completed, were just working on rehearsing for shows now.” This news comes hot on the heels of a new music video recently released from the band. Appropriately titled “Hallelujah Money” the video seems to focus on what I can only imagine Gorrilaz believes the very near future to become. Released on the official inauguration date for Donald Trump, the band seems to be making very focused yet blurry political statements regarding the current state of politics and certain civil rights issues. The focus of companies, which the president definitely represents, and slight comment on the state of affairs for people of all colors, creeds, or sexual orientation. Its a dark warning and a lesson from Gorrilaz, merely asking us how far would we like to traverse this rabbit hole, and just how messed up and complicated things can be.

Check the video down below and the Gorillaz Official site to support:


Benedict Gareth
Benedict Gareth

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