Regi Levi : Alone, but Never Lonely

Ever wonder what you’d get if you mixed Mellow tunes, bit of hard hitting base, and whispers of lost love?

Well thats what Musician Regi Levi has cooked up, and it’s pretty damn amazing. Regi is an artist out of the Inland Empire area who has broken into the music scene like a wildfire. Only appearing on the scene for a short time now, he has made waves and headlines, already performing sold out shows in Los Angeles venues as well as performing for artists such as Chris Webby. The kid seems to be unstoppable, constantly uploading songs for the public onto his fairly new SoundCloud channel.

Now, looking at the soundcloud profile, Regi has only been making music for about 2 years but the level of growth and production skill has dramatically increased since the first few track uploads. His tunes are very akin to spoken word, which seems to be a big influence in the style and delivery of his lines. The music in many of the tracks are almost nostalgic in the smooth and sexy way they have been crafted with a very R&B feeling to them. It almost reminds you of Drake where many of the tracks have thought provoking and, again, with very reminiscent and nostalgic lyrics. Possibly taking you back to an old lovers room where you’d spend summers and laugh over a drink. Lost love is a big theme as well, as his newly Titled Mixtape has been called “Alone, but Never Lonely”. Perhaps telling this last lover that, despite the ending of things I am still fine and actually doing really good in life despite the fact that you’re still on my mind occasionally. The “Alone, but Never Lonely” mixtape has been a great succession to the previous “Forgive me, I Done Changed” tape which also carried the same tone.

We recommend that you watch this kid closely, with the way things are currently heading we can tell he’s just going to keep giving us better and better tunes.

You can check Regi Levi’s soundcloud here:
Drop in and tell us if you’re down down down 😉


Benedict Gareth
Benedict Gareth

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