Album Review: Post Malone – Stoney

Holy christ!

I have to say I really did not expect this at all, Post Malone had kept his album very hush hush for the longest time and when it dropped I admit I was incredibly reluctant to check it out. Expecting nothing but catchy lyrics and not much depth to it, but upon my first listen I was taken aback and felt a little ashamed I was so quick to judge the poorly shaven man. His music on the album as a whole is great. I’ll get into why in just a second but damn, I need to take a sip of something . lol

Anyway the album starts off with a bit of a serious tone and a lot of drug reference then gets into this nice little symphonic ballad. Songs like Deja Vu come through strong with a very smooth Malone half singing half talking in a cool tone and then comes in… Justin Beiber, almost as unexpected as Travis Scott featuring him I was really shocked, this song works, and it works damn well. The actual instrumentals take on a dreamy almost tropical island vibe with the use of certain chords, and has you begging for more as you dig into the album deeper. You have some interesting collaborations as well on this album, with Quavo of migos as well as some production from Pharrell Williams on tracks like “Up There”.

The album has its fare share of weird moments and some tracks definitely feel experimental as Malone tries different things to attracts those into different genres, hes got a little country moment on “Yours Truly”, but as a whole it is a very solid and cohesive body of work. Thoroughly enjoyed at the bare minimum. You can party and even just chill to the entire album.

Its recommended you actually pay for the album on itunes here


Benedict Gareth
Benedict Gareth

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