Childish Gambino: “Awaken, My Love!”

Starting the album off with a beautiful intro, some low notes, and a little bass behind a very light gospel intro, the album “Awaken, My Love!” is almost 100% different from any other that Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino aka McDJ has done to date. Quite far from his nasally raps on his first few projects, like I am Just a rapper 1 & 2, and his complaints about being a very unheard and un respected nerd, this project takes him into a completely different stratosphere. The incredibly soulful album hit on points that take us back a few years to music our parents might have listened to, with sounds very similar to that of say early Earth Wind and Fire, and Funkadelic. Which is one of the bands that actually inspired the album cover. The entire album is mostly instrumentally focused with many of the lyrics seemingly masked in a very low and sweet tone with the music covering a good portion of it. Maybe done intentionally more for the audience to get a feel for the emotion of the music rather on the content of his usually thought provoking lyrics.


We must say the album has been on repeat for a while since it came out not too long ago but we have to say its taking a bit of time to grow on us. Its an album that will definitely be appreciated more as the years go on but for now were taking it in strides until we gain the amount of musical intelligence needed to really appreciate the album. A good 6/10 for the beautiful chords and melodic transformation as well as the albums concept, but we wish there was just a little bit more in terms of lyrics. What do you think?

Are we right? Wrong?

What do you think?


Benedict Gareth
Benedict Gareth

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