Gorillaz Makes a long awaited Comeback

In the recent weeks, there has been some massive action by Gorillaz, several “Books of” have been released via the Band’s Official Instagram Account (@Gorillaz) and have been telling the wonderful story of what happened to each of the band members after the fall of Plastic Beach, which has been a stunning 6 year hiatus. It certainly does feel like yesterday when we heard the hauntingly  melodic synth, of tracks like Rhinestone Eyes and Empire Ants, and watched in wonder as Gorillaz does what they do best and disappear with absolute secrecy. That has all but changed with the surfacing of not only Murdoc’s submarine but the full tale of where the band has been spending their captive moments:



Since the attacks at Plastic Beach Noodle was somehow taken into care on a strange Japanese island, where in order to repay her debts to her saviors became an apprentice Pearl diver, until she unearthed a demon that set out on the world to cause destruction. Taking this upon herself Noodle became a Geisha in the shape shifting demons company and proceeded to kill him after several years of observation and finally determining where he was located.




Russell Hobbs had swam away after the attacks on Plastic Beach and headed in any direction he could, all the while eating radioactive shrimp along the way, the 6 tons he consumed made him grow exponentially. After such he found Murdoc but was attacked and cradled noodle along with him while he made the escape to japan, where he was then harpooned and mistaken for a whale. Losing noodle and wounded he drifted off into North Korea where he was then taken captive and put on display as Pulgasari, several years into this he began to shrink due to his new diet and then released, where he met with Jef Wooten in England.



The self proclaimed leader of the band was living on the tropical Paradise of  Plastic Beach until pirates came to raid the island with machine-guns, Murdoc was left with no option but to retreat into an old rusted submarine with a case of Rum and an android version of Noodle for company. After traveling for god knows how long he finally surfaced to be engulfed by Battleship: Ringo, he was then taken captive and kept locked away in London for 3 years until he was offered a new Gorillaz contract to save the crumbling music world.



2d had bit of a Jonah experience as he was swallowed up by a whale of the name ‘Massive Dick”, no relation to Moby, and was transported deep underwater for some time, until the whale died off from years of pollution build up and a bit of 2d. The whale beached on an island where 2d was forced to eat the carcass of his former host. After a few months a plane flew overhead and 2d decided to follow it. He came to find out that he was actually on a populated island where he raved and spent a year braiding friendship bracelets and “finding himself” to which he then decided to leave back to london where the band mates were all being grouped together.



When the new music is? Well we just have to be patient…


Benedict Gareth
Benedict Gareth

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