Kid Cudi v Kanye West

Yeezy versus the Solo Dolo??

The Lonely Loner against the almighty YEEZUS CHRIST?

We almost dropped our BLT’s in the office when we found out the news, so of course there was a lot more digging online to find out exactly what in the hell was going on with these great artists and of course friends.

Kanye signing Kid Cudi to the G.O.O.D. label around 2009 and then going off to release several of his projects like The “Man on the Moon” Series as well as WZRD, it seemed like the partnership between these two had no limits. Songs like Erase Me and Welcome to Heartbreak were definitely a testimony to how great the pair were in the studio together.

Now, supposedly, after looking into the drama, Cudi was upset that he never got recognition nor was he asked for permission to be used in a track on the Yeezus album (that we loved). Kanye supposedly sampled a piece that he never asked for, assuming that they were of equal access to both parties.

Cudi went on to twitter to let out some of his feelings about the matter stating that neither kanye or drake gave a f*ck about his career. He also went on to promote a newly upcoming album with a heavy featured list.

Collabing with the likes of Pharrell, Kaytranada, and a very surprising Andre 3000.

We have to say maybe Kid Cudi has gotten tired of being in the shadow of giants for a while, especially with Ye and Drkae both on Mega Tours as of late,  or perhaps this is a ploy to drum up some publicity for his *cough* soon to release album *cough* …. odd nonetheless.

Anyways expect the new album titled: Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin to be an instant classic, reminding people that Cudi has been one of the most influential rappers of the decade.

*Tracklist & Album cover below*


Benedict Gareth
Benedict Gareth

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